Couples retreats

Being in a relationship with another person can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Occasionally it may be experienced as painful or frustrating. Sometimes one may feel hurt by the things others say or do.

 In our beautiful home in the north east of France couples, partners, family members, colleagues, et cetera are being offered the opportunity to investigate issues that cause miscommunication, anger, frustration, hurt or pain.
The house offers a quiet, peaceful and safe atmosphere.

By doing The Work of Byron Katie you will find ways to really open up to each other and to truly listen to each other. This will often lead to loving insights and relational transformation. In my experience, people who are willing to be honest with their partner, can come to a greater connection and understanding.

All the advice you give to your partner is for you to hear.
Byron Katie

Daily practice

Joint morning session with Aafke: from 9.30 to 11.30 AM
Joint afternoon session with Aafke: from 14.30 to 16.30 PM

 During the sessions we will take a deep look at your specific issues. You will also be handed tools on how to apply The Work in between sessions. In between sessions, the emphasis will be on how to listen to the other person, without filling in what he or she is going to say, and without interrupting him or her.

It is up to you to make your stay as intensive as you’d like. For some people it works well to combine The Work with relaxation time, a walk in the woods or meditation. Others are happy to continue doing The Work in between sessions. Both are equally valuable. There is no recipe that is applicable to everyone. See if you can choose what feels good for you, and if you don’t, notice what is holding you back to make your own choices.

 Couples retreats are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners of The Work.


The price of an individual intensive amounts to 225 euros per day (including coffee, tea and fruit, and excluding meals and accommodation). During the intensive, you may stay in the house, on the campsite or in a B&B nearby. In case you prefer to stay in one of our guest-rooms, the costs for accommodation and meals are 60 Euros per day.

For more information, please click here to get an impression of our house in France (in English).

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As a couple, we have benefitted enormously from our 3-day retreat in France. We have learned to listen to each other, and we have learned to value our beautiful differences.
Aafke’s house in France feels like a home. We will certainly come back for another retreat, so that we can deepen our relationship even more.
John and Maria